At Longworth Hall, you’ll find a historic character.

Nicholas Longworth arrived in Cincinnati on a raft with nothing but his clothes to his name. As a lawyer and real estate tycoon, he became one of the country’s riches and most extraordinary men.

The building that bears the original owner’s name shares the distinction of being both rich and extraordinary. Longworth Hall, originally a warehouse for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, has become one of Cincinnati’s most unique business locations. Built in 1903, the building offers character that is seldom found in structures today. This character can be seen in the original oak-beamed ceilings, exposed brick, skylights and maple hardwood floors. It can be felt in the far-from-ordinary office building atmosphere. “A skyscraper on its side,” it was once one of the longest buildings in the world. Carefully renovated as a mixed-use facility, Longworth Hall has been placed on the National Historic Registry.



Blended with a Contemporary Personality.


The building a company chooses speaks quietly and eloquently about what kind of company it is. Indeed, your client’s first impression is often based on the business environment you have chosen. Longworth Hall’s origins came into play when the building was renovated accentuating its most interesting characteristics.


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Flexible Space Design

Because it was originally a warehouse, it offers a rare flexibility of space design. Your office space can be custom-designed to meet your company’s individual needs.

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Unique Lobby Space

Our soaring lobby gives our tenants and guest a first glimpse at the design sensibility of our unique building.

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Design Center

Longworth Hall is a mixed-use building primarily comprised of office space. In addition, the western end of the building is a Design Center for the exclusive use or architects and interior designers.

At the Crossroads of the City.


Whether you are going to your clients or they’re coming to you, Longworth Hall is hard to beat when it comes to accessibility. It’s located close enough to be part of downtown, without sharing downtown’s disadvantages. You’ll appreciate the convenience of the area’s major interstates, airports, and central business district without the hassles of traffic and parking.